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Venerable SayaDaw Ashin Sila








Biography of Ven. Sila


Born 28th June 1968 in Rahyikuto village, Gwa Township, Rakhaing State. He is the second son of Oo Ba Thwin and Daw Kyan Tin. He educated up to the high school level. Since the age of thirteen, he has practised meditation in different centre such as Thanlyin Forest Meditaton Centre, Main Moguke Centre and Ledys Vipassana tradition training that he knew the difference between one and another. He did the propagation work for Moguke tradition before too. At the age of 25, 15th July 1994 he ordained bhikkhu in his native place, Gwa. His preceptor is Ven. Vepulla. In the year 1997 when he was two years old bhikkhu, he practised serenity and insight meditation practice under the guidance of Ven. Pa-Auk Sayadaw and his assistant teachers of that time. It was for three years in Pa-Auk Forest Monastery. He studied basic Pali courses and Abhidhamma course in Gwa and Pa-Auk Forest Monastery. When the Hpa-An Centre, one of the branches of Pa-Auk Meditation Centre Located at South-East part of Hpa-An City, in Kayin State, has been flourished he did the meditation instructor there. Later he took the responsibility for teaching meditation in Thanlyin Pa-Auk Centre, near Yangon, and Main Pa-Auk Forest Monastery as well. To distribute the serenity and insight meditation practice taught in Pa-Auk Forest Monastery to different places, he has tried for two years wondering from one place to another in the Rakhaing State. Not only many townships in it but also in Yangon he did the short term meditation retreats and gave dhamma talks there too. He has been teaching meditation practice to many for five years. Now, staying under the shade of Ven. Pa-Auk Sayadaw, Ven. Sila is teaching local yogies such as monks, novices, nuns, laymen and laywomen in the Mian Pa-Auk Forest Monastery.







၁။ ဓါတုဝိဘင်္ဂသုတ္တန် (၁) ၁၃-၄-၂၀၀၅

၂။ ဓါတုဝိဘင်္ဂသုတ္တန် (၂) ၁၃-၄-၂၀၀၅

၃။ ဓါတုဝိဘင်္ဂသုတ္တန် (၃) ၂၃-၄-၂၀၀၅

၄။ ယောင်္ကျားလူစွမ်း ခြေတလှမ်း ၁၀-၉-၂၀၀၅

၅။ အကာနှင့်အနှစ် အစစ်နှင့်အတု ၁၅-၃-၂၀၀၅

၆။ သူတော်ကောင်းလက္ခဏာ ၁-၅-၂၀၀၅

၇။ မေတ္တာပါရမီ ၂-၁၀-၂၀၀၅